A few days ago I shared this blog on my personal Facebook account. And since revealing I haven’t known what to write. What will happen if people read what I want to say?

The worst probably already happened. A few people unfriend you and some relatives stop having you over for Christmas.

But will I be able to get a job? My current boss has told me he wouldn’t have hired me if I were a Trump supporter so, for now anyway, I’m good in that category.

But good things have happened too. The rest of the family and many friends have been encouraging and relay that they eagerly anticipate more. Thank you. I’m human, I feel vulnerable. I appreciate feedback on both sides.

In one of the doula courses I’ve done, we’re told you get to keep your certification if you get into shit at least once a year. I think the instructor meant with a birth professional. But you know. This works too. (If you’re looking for an awesome doula training check out Wise Woman Way of Birth)


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